Pottery, Little Apples and Self-Care

Four weeks ago I started a hospital chaplain residency program.  Adjusting to the work hours, hospital routine, and the trauma and suffering in every day life in a hospital has been exhausting.

But I’m beginning to adjust and part of my self care is looking for creative outlets. Last Saturday I went to the Perrysburg Harrison Rally Days Festival.

Two "imperfect" perfect for me pieces of pottery!

There were some nice pieces of fabric art and jewelry, but what really caught my eye was the pottery from the students at 577 Foundation.

I fell for these two yellow pieces. They aren’t perfect – which probably explains why they were available for a donation.

I couldn’t decide between the two so I purchased both. It was kind of awkward that they were being sold for a donation – how much should I give?? My friend said if we wanted to find out if they really meant “donation” we could off them a quarter!

Which I didn’t do…I donated $10 for both and still felt like I was taking advantage of someone.

"Vintage" modern pottery

I really like the detail on the sides of this piece.

In an attempt to continue to practice good self care with creative activities I got started on a quilt for myself.

Little Girl Quilt for me!

This is Aneela Hooey’s fabric – purchased from Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics. Brenda leads the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild, which I’m sad to say I’ve had to miss the last couple of gatherings.

The Northwest Ohio Modern Quilt Guild, which I am trying to launch, meets again this coming Monday evening at the Panera Bread in Bowling Green. I’m looking forward to sharing my Little Apples quilt with them and seeing what they are working on.

Now on to more practical details of life – making pizza sauce for tonight, getting my eyeglasses repaired, and a quick stop at Hobby Lobby for quilt batting and thread.

Til next time… what’s your plan for self care?

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9 thoughts on “Pottery, Little Apples and Self-Care

    • Thanks Brenda. It’s getting there. I’m adjusting to having to get my sewing done in little blocks of time instead of sitting down for a few hours. Big adjustment.

  1. Hi Lucinda! I love the quilt you’re working on, it looks so cozy for fall! I hope the new guild is going well, we miss you in Ann Arbor! Hopefully we’ll see you again soon!

  2. I love the dark grey with the little apples…really pretty! Congrats on your residency! I think that is the perfect position for you!!

  3. The dark grey is Kona Coal, one of my new favorites. I’ve just about gone through an entire bolt! And my residency – it’s a trauma hospital so every crisis and tragedy you can think of – and so far plenty I hadn’t thought of either. But it’s coming along well so far. Thanks!

  4. Wow, I needed to read about self-care this morning. Thanks for the reminder–often it feels like being creative and taking time for beauty is “frivolous” or “a treat” when what it really is, to me, is about balance. I love your yellow pottery–very pretty!

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