Dear NW Ohio Modern Quilt Guild,

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our Modern Quilt Guild gathering last night. Seeing your projects for the art show at the Botanical Garden on August 5, has me really inspired.

Thank you, too, for your feedback on my quilts and the suggestion to make pillow covers to match the quilts.

There is just one problem.

Today was my day off this week – a day in which I would catch up around the house, do necessary homework and maybe even make Wes dinner. Because of my excitement about the art show I made a pillow instead.

It’s darling, if I must say so myself! And I will! I pieced and quilted and then made the back. No homework. Not filing for financial aid for the classes I’m taking this fall. No organizing my work-space.

All in all I had a great day…. so even if it wasn’t what was on the agenda I’m glad I did it! I was so involved I forgot to eat junk food today.  That will make my trainer Jennifer Mosler at Renegade Fitness happy.

Now off to work out.

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