I’m Lucinda.

I’ve been sewing since childhood when I was taught by my mother. She used to say  “Read the directions!” Of course, she had six children over a 16 year span. No doubt she was quite tired when she finally sat down in the evening after dinner and dishes and had me pestering her to show me something.

So I’m mostly self-taught. I’ve done garment sewing but I really like quilting and home dec. I started playing around with quilting and took my first class after I completed a few projects on my own. What a difference that made! I love modern fabric, solid color, and  girly quilts.

I  like variety… trying new things and sharing what’s going on in my life with others. Sometimes I get to find out what’s going on in theirs.

Why the daisy?

I like daisies — and this one just happens to be blue.

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