Maker’s Mart – why you should have a creative outlet!

I am part of the NW Ohio Modern Quilt Guild. Usually we meet once a month and share ideas and inspire each other. Then we heard about an opportunity to have a booth at the first ever Toledo, Ohio Uptown Maker’s Mart. We applied. We were accepted. We had to sew like crazy!

NW Ohio Modern Quilt Guild booth at Maker’s Mart

It was so worth it. Certainly having to make a quilt or Christmas stockings to sell added a bit of pressure at times. But doing something I love and getting to share and sell the finished product? Fun, affirming, and it supports my fabric habit.

Here are the top five reasons I came up with why you should pursue a creative outlet:

1. While pursuing a creative outlet our brains become zone free for other problems. I tend to get so involved in what I am making, selecting colors or fabrics, or deciding on the next step in the sewing process, that my mind clears itself of other distractions. When I stop I’m generally refreshed and ready to tackle the other areas of life.

2. Pursuing a creative venture often puts us in contact with people we would not normally meet. I started the NW Ohio Modern Quilt Guild by setting up a simple blog and connecting with The Modern Quilt Guild’s website. First I met Alice who lives about 60 miles from me. Then Paula from Cleveland came along. She was followed by Michelle from about 75 miles away. Then Ashley and Jennifer who live in Toledo found us. Pretty soon we added Karen and Cheryl. Other than Karen,  I would not have met any of these talented, creative, and inspiring women.

3. Inspiration, feedback, and help abound. My husband certainly didn’t share my excitement when I won a fat-quarter of Aneela Hoey’s Sew Stitchy fabric. And when I talk too often about fabric with friends who do not share my passion, their eyes sort of glaze over.

4. I’m rarely bored. Whether it is searching for ideas onPinterest for a new project, browsing websites for fabric, or working on an unfinished project, there is always something I can choose to do.

5. We are wired to be creative. Fabric is only one of many, many venues for creativity. If you resist trying new things for fear you cannot do it well, or right, or just like someone else – begin. Try something. With creative outlets there is no right or wrong. It is self-nurturing to do something that only has to please you!

What are your creative outlets? What gets you out of your work and problems and challenges and lets you nurture that part of yourself that just wants to please you?

I’m not feeling very indie today…

I’m looking for some ideas –

Along with a few other members of the NW Ohio Modern Quilt Guild I will be participating in Toledo’s first Maker’s Mart on Saturday, November 17th.

That means I need to get a few things made — and that’s where the struggle for motivation comes in. What might sell? What would be unique and fun?

Mug rugs

Baby Quilt

What about stockings?

or a chubby stocking?

I have some journal book covers in the works — any other ideas? Suggestions? What would you look for at Maker’s Mart?


Getting Ready for the Art Show

In just over two weeks the NW Ohio Modern Quilt Guild will be at the Toledo Botanical Garden Art Show! I’ve been finishing up quilts big and small, pillow covers and table runners. Jennifer Langridge from Sewlandia, Alice from Fresh Modern Fabrics and I spent some time this past week figuring out the set-up for the show.

Actually Alice and Jenn did most of the tent set-up. I tried to stay out of the way.






It might look messy but all great art starts this way.




Here’s a couple of items I’ll have for sale! There’s a modern block table runner in the works and another fabric that might become a pillow cover before too long.

Hope you’ll come visit us Sunday, August 5th – 11am-5pm at the Toledo Botanical Garden. –Lucinda